As decks age some caulking compounds that where originally used by the builder, fail.

The caulking becomes sticky and will mark or stain clothing and carpets if walked inside the boat.

Compass Marine Decking is one of the most experienced companies around and have completed hundreds of re-seams for Princess yachts, Sunseeker and Fairline to name a few.

We use products that are guaranteed not to fail.

Removal of Old Caulk

Great care is taken to remove the old caulking 100 %. Seams are thoroughly cleaned and the new caulking applied. Once fully cured the deck can be sanded clean to bring the deck back to its original look.

We can caulk your deck in White, Grey or Black. Using SIS 440 deck caulking compound from Teakdecking Systems.


In 2019 compass marine decking was asked to reseam and refurbish the famous classic German schooner “Elbe 5”.

Originally built | 1883 the 37 metre classic is the last German sea going vessel of her size.
Working together with skilled Danish labour the old caulking was removed and the long process of twisting and hammering in the caulking cotton into the seams progresses. Once completed the seams were filled with SIS 440 in Black.