Teak Deck Replacement on Production Boats

There are thousands of productions boats scattered in marinas all over the world. In the UK alone we produce hundreds of boats per year and most have teak decking to some extent. As the years go by the teak decking on any yacht will deteriorate and need replacing. Some sooner than others.

A new teak deck is a costly process but leaving the deck in poor condition will certainly affect the core value of the yacht. Compass Marine Decking is specialised in the removal and replacement of teak decking worldwide. Many Princess, Sunseeker and Fairline decks can be built from the original templates and sent to any location for installation.

Removal of Old

Removal of the old decks can be a daunting task. It’s messy but can be done by the owner to save money. We can advise on how to do this or we can do the whole job.

Teak Panels

Teak panels arrive with all the trim attached so there is minimal scribing on site.

Vacuum Bag

One of the methods we employ for a good installation is the use of vacuum technology.

This allows for a good even pressure and an excellent bond to the sub deck.

The Finish

Upon completion all decks are sanded to an 80 grit finish.

The contrast between the old decking and new is stunning and will enhance the beauty and value of any vessel.

We offer this service worldwide and have completed many projects the world over.